Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Popcorn Adjectives

Today Room 3 made Popcorn! We used our 5 senses touch, hear, taste, smell and looks like to think of adjectives to describe it!

We al loved the popping, crackling sound it made when it cooked!

It tasted delicious and we loved the buttery smell it left in the room.

It looks like fluffy white clouds.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Learning our beginning sounds

In Room 3 we have been working hard on learning the beginning sounds of words!
We have been using pictures and foam letters to identify the beginning sounds.

Rudra and Phoebe are enjoying this activity.

Friday, 10 March 2017


On Tuesday Room 3 began PMP (Perceptual Movement Programme) which is run by the Otago Polytechnic students.

We enjoyed participating in a range of activities where we practiced our balance, eye-co-ordination, catching and throwing, crawling, jumping and memory.

We are very lucky we get to be involved in this great programme twice a week.

Sport Otago

On Wednesday Room 3 got to learn some new cricket skills with Sport Otago.
We practiced our catching and throwing skills with a tennis ball along with working in teams to try and stop the ball from escaping the circle.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Buddy Reading!

Every week we get to enjoy reading with a buddy class or our House Group.

Today Room 3 visited Room 8 where the children engaged in reading with a buddy.

It was great to see the older children interacting and reading with Room 3.

Walk and Wheel Week

Last week it was Walk and Wheel Week at Arthur Street School.

We enjoyed walking to school with the Police, the mayor Dave Cull and More FM.
Some of us won prizes from More FM for walking or wheeling to school.
During the day we got to ride our scooters and bike around an obstacle course that Ms Elvines had set up.
We enjoyed whizzing around and dodging the obstacles!

Thank you to Ms Elvines for organising this super event for us to participate in.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Welcome to Room 3 2017!!!!

Welcome to the Room 3's Class Blog for 2017!!!

This page will keep you updated with what's happening in Room 3 along with finding some extra literacy and numeracy activities the children can be participating in at home.

The children have settled well into classroom routines and programmes. They are always trying their best and encouraging other's which reflects our school 3 R's; Respectful, Responsible and Resourceful.

Last week we enjoyed participating in Discovery Time with Room 4. We got to explore, build and create different things with a range of materials. We had lots of fun doing this and can't wait to do this again next week!